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Where can one meet us? A question we get asked regularly. This post is about keeping you up to date when it comes to events and fairs penumbra attends. Furthermore, we’ll tell you how to book a consultation in our workshop.

penumbra on tour


Our team is very small, so we can’t leave the workshop for fairs and events as often as we would like. Every now and then, however, you can meet us outside our own little world.

When visiting fairs you can see and feel our products up close and get an overview of our materials and collections.


Upcoming events:

24 – 26 May 2024: BoundCon Munich

Visit penumbra


We don’t run an actual shop where you can just buy our products – we’re way too happy manufacturing beautiful things in the workshop for that. However, you can book an appointment for a private consultation.

How does that work?

To visit us in the workshop, you first need to make an appointment with us. Without that, you’ll most likely find us absorbed in work and chaos and we won’t have time for a proper consultation. Ideally, you’d make the appointment via Email, because reading our emails comes with having the work calendar just a click away 😉

I’m here – what now?

When you visit us, we take enough time to show you our raw materials, discuss designs, take measurements, and help you to assemble your perfect penumbra product.

Alas, that doesn’t mean you can take it home with you that day. We’ll process your order in our next work cycle and conveniently send it to you.

Please don’t be surprised if you find our workshop a bit chaotic – that is because we do consultations during our normal work days without extra clean-up beforehand. We do have a cozy seating area, however, which is where our conversation will take place.

In case you’re afraid of dogs please tell us when making the appointment. Our mascot Oscar works with us almost every day but won’t mind staying at home for a day.

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