There’s no better symbol for submission than a collar. Our unique collars are handmade from high-quality leather or sustainable vegan leather alternatives.


Our cuffs are real eyecatchers and the perfect add-on to your penumbra collar. Regardless of whether you go for our subtle narrow cuffs or the more robust wide design, our cuffs are the perfect combination of fun, functionality, and design.


Beautifully equipped from head to toe – our bondage sets combine our collars with their matching cuffs. Due to our set discount, you can even save money.


The perfect accessory to never lose sight of each other: our beautiful and sturdy leashes. We make matching leashes for all our collars for maximum style.


The ideal companions for quick fixations – our 2-way or X-connectors are a perfect add-on to wrist and ankle cuffs.


Our waistbelts feature D-rings all around to give you many options for fixations.
As with all of our products, we can match any of our collections with a beautiful waistbelt.


No energy for long discussions? We have the solution! Our gags combine the typical penumbra design with practical use.


It can be so beautiful not to see a thing – at least from an outside perspective 😉 Find matching blindfolds to all our collections here.


A discrete statement, low-key reminder, or just a stylish accessory – our bracelets are suitable for top and sub alike.