The incision collection is the first and, with certainty, the best-known penumbra collection.

We cut one of our 21 hand-designed patterns into the leather (or vegan alternative) and make them shine by adding a background color of your choice.


Our classic collection is the most versatile in our product range. You can never go wrong with the timeless elegance of these pieces.

We carry different base materials and hardware colors to give you a lot of wonderful options when assembling your new favorite accessory.


The floris collection is the newest member of the penumbra family and impresses with its unique material.

The gorgeous white-waxed leather is a real eyecatcher that never stops to amaze.

This collection is only available in leather.


For our calligraphy collection we use our laser machine to burn letterings on leather or our vegan leather alternative.

Choose from one of our six standard letterings, get your own calligraphy (the wonders our calligrapher can do with her hands still amaze us), or send us your own design – the only limit is your imagination 😉


The mandala collection stands out due to the engraved patterns on leather or our vegan leather alternatives. A real penumbra unicum, since we engrave all the products ourselves right in our workshop.

The different color combinations of base material and hardware make these pieces versatile accessories that combine elegance with and beautiful design.


The leather & lace collection is made from colorful base leather that is covered with delicate lace. All this is done by hand, so every item is a little piece of art for itself.

Choose your favorite color combination and let yourself be charmed by the elegant design.


The delicate collection is for sure the cutest one in the whole penumbra design range.

Black lace combined with colorful satin ribbon and a matching bow makes these products a real eye-catcher.