Why to give a penumbra gift card?

There are many reasons for giving a penumbra gift card instead of giving a ready-made penumbra product. Maybe you are unsure about what size you should be getting? Maybe you want your favorite kinky person to be able to choose the color or decide together on the custom engraving? Maybe you are looking for a last minute gift for a Birthday that is coming up this week? You still want to give something that will make their eyes light up and sparkle with excitement? 🤩 Then this is for you!

How to buy a penumbra gift card

Easy! Just go to our penumbra shop and select “Gift Card”. Next you choose the amount for your gift card, put it into the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. After completing the order, the gift card and a description of how to use it will be sent to you via email (this may take a few hours).

Good to know: If you only don’t use the amount of your voucher completely with an order, the remaining amount will be kept on that voucher. You can re-use the coupon code that you received via email for your next purchase. penumbra gift cards don’t have an expiry date – they are valid forever (until you use them up completely)!

How to beautifully wrap a penumbra gift card

There are so many options on how to beautifully wrap your gift! To make it easy for your penumbra gift card, we are providing you with some printables:

Where to get penumbra gift card printables

Our printables can be downloaded at the end of this very page, choose which printable you like and download it right now.

Which motifs can I choose from?

Currently we have 3 Christmas-themed and 3 “neutral” motifs for you to choose from. Each of them can be downloaded as DIN A4 printable (to be folded to DIN A6 by you after printing) or as 10x15cm version to be developed in a photo lab of your choice. You’ll find more information about those two options and how to use them down below.

Are you missing something? For example, do you need a certain photo from our shop as a gift card printable, or you would like to have a different format? Don’t hesitate to send us your request at office@penumbra.at and we will try to help you as best as we can. We are looking forward to your feedback! 🙂

DIN-A-4 printable: Print at home

Our DIN A4 printable has been created for you to be printed at home, so you can use it right away. After printing you will fold the paper two times to receive a beautiful folded card in DIN A6 format – which can be put into a standard envelope (DIN C6).

In a few easy steps you have your penumbra gift card beautifully wrapped and ready to create that sparkle in the recipients’ eyes:

Print, fold, add in coupon code and value, put into envelope – done!

10×15 cm printable: Have the gift card developed by the photo service

If you don’t have a (good) printer at home, we recommend you use our 10×15 cm printable. Just save the file to a USB stick and go to your local photo service or order online. Some services will deliver the printed gift card to your home, and for some you can pick the print up at the shop right away.

With our 10x15cm printable, you can either just have the front page developed/printed and write on the back side on your own. Or you can print the back of our printables with your at-home black and white printer and then glue it to the back of the developed photo gift card. Or you get both sides printed at your photo service and put them into a beautiful envelope together.

Don’t forget to add value and coupon code in the end, and the recipient will be able to buy their present at penumbra.at

P.S.: Some modern at-home printers can actually print beautifully on 10x15cm photo paper. So if you own one of these, you can of course use this printable for that, too!

Is there a way to gift a penumbra item without choosing an actual value first?

Maybe you want to give someone a certain penumbra bondage set and the matching amount is not selectable in our shop? Or you don’t know which amount to get, as you don’t know what the recipient will choose in the end or how much the customization will cost exactly?

Not a problem! In those cases, we recommend you use our printables without actually buying a gift card. That way, you have something nice for your recipient to unpack, and you can choose together what exactly you want and / or measure the correct size under the Christmas tree together or while eating Birthday cake that day. After you decide what to get, just place your order as you usually would in our shop. In that case, you will pay “normally” and not use any coupon code during checkout.

Extra tip: The EXTRA special gift

If you want to add a personal touch to your present, or you don’t find the idea of “only gifting a card” too appealing, we have some ideas for you:

How about getting a box of your favorite chocolates to go with the gift card? Or a homemade cake? For Christmas, you might want to got with Christmas cookies. Or maybe the recipient would enjoy a scented candle?

To be more romantic, you could add a single red rose to your envelope with the gift card. Or go all in and buy a bunch of flowers! Can you imagine the spark in their eyes? 😍

‍We wish you lots of fun giving and using our kinky penumbra gifts! ❤

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